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The Cheapest Pennsylvania Renters Insurance Companies 2020



If you’re a renter in the Keystone State, you’ll find renters insurance to be affordable, with the average premium costing you only $15 per month. That said, there are several factors to consider before buying a policy.

The first thing to consider is how much renters insurance do you need? Your coverage amount should correlate with the value of the items in your apartment. To demonstrate, if you have a few valuable items such as clothes, electronics and small appliances, you could have a lower coverage amount. If you own high-end artwork, jewelry, musical instruments, electronics or collectibles, you’ll want more coverage.

Find the Best Renter Insurance

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

When searching for providers, there are several items you want to consider:

  • Reputation: Does the carrier deliver prompt customer service and claims processing?
  • Financial strength: Does the company have the financial strength to pay claims?
  • Affordability: Is the company the cheapest renters insurance in Pennsylvania for your needs?
  • Ease of use: Can you sign up for a policy online or do you have to go through a phone agent? How easy does the provider make it to file a claim?

These questions can help you as you research renters insurance companies.

Best cheap renters insurance companies in Pennsylvania

To help you find the best of the best, we considered several factors. The first is cost, as we strived to identify the least expensive options available. In addition, customer satisfaction is a huge influencer in buying decisions. To help with this, we included ratings from the J.D. Power & Associate’s customer service satisfaction survey. Lastly, we also wanted to examine a provider’s financial health as this indicates their ability or inability to pay out claims.

Here’s a look at the top renters insurance companies in Pennsylvania:

  • Liberty Mutual: Liberty Mutual makes the list for its responsive service. It earned an A grade with the Better Business Bureau, demonstrating its ability to resolve customer complaints.
  • Nationwide: Nationwide also has a great reputation, earning an A+ rating with the BBB. It also has a great app that makes it easy to manage your policy on the go and file claims quickly.
  • State Farm: State Farm was one of the best options available. It’s among the top providers in customer satisfaction, earning five out of five in J.D. Power’s survey. State Farm also has several options if you’d like to bundle a few insurance policies or get discounts.
  • USAA: If you or a loved one is in the military, it’s hard to do better than USAA. It consistently earns the highest marks in customer satisfaction (5 out of 5 in J.D. Power’s survey), and it has some of the lowest rates available.

Here’s how the top four stack up based on their BBB grade, AM Best rating and J.D. Power score.

Provider J.D. Power BBB Grade AM Best rating
Liberty Mutual 2 out of 5 A A
State Farm 5 out of 5 A+ A++
Nationwide 2 out of 5 A+ A+
USAA 5 out of 5 N/R A++

Because situations differ when buying renters insurance, here’s a look at which options would be best depending on your situation.

Cheapest Pennsylvania renters insurance: State Farm

State Farm offers some of the best rates available with exceptional service. The company scores highest among providers in customer satisfaction, and getting a quote is simple through its website.

Best Pennsylvania renters insurance for college students: Nationwide

Nationwide makes it easy to receive a quote online. With the mobile app, you’re connected to manage your policy anywhere you go. It’s simple, straight-forward and perfect for those who need to buy for landlord requirements.

The best Pennsylvania renters insurance policy for seniors or those unaccustomed to buying renter’s insurance: Liberty Mutual

Unlike Nationwide, Liberty Mutual has a few more hoops you have to jump through to receive a quote. However, help is around the corner at any time, and Liberty Mutual can pair you with a local agent if you prefer to buy your policy in person.

Frequently asked questions

How much renters insurance do I need in Pennsylvania?
It depends on the value of your items. If you have more valuable items, you’ll want more coverage to reimburse you should a covered event happen.

What’s the cheapest renters insurance company in Pennsylvania?

State Farm is an excellent option to consider because it offers a good mix of value and exceptional service. If you’re in the military, there’s no better choice than USAA in terms of pricing and customer service. However, the cheapest company for you will be based on several individual factors. Get several quotes to see if there are less expensive options for you.

What does loss of use coverage mean?

If your apartment catches on fire and you can’t live there anymore, you’ll need someplace to live. Many renters insurance policies include loss of use coverage that provides financial assistance for temporary living expenses such as moving costs or hotel costs.

Am I required to have renters insurance in Pennsylvania?

Renters insurance is not a legal requirement, but many landlords require it to rent with them. Even if landlords don’t require it, renters insurance is an inexpensive policy to buy and could cover you if the unexpected happens.

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What Are the Best Car Loans When You Have Bad Credit?



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If you have bad credit and need a car loan, there are some challenges when compared to obtaining a standard car loan. However, pick your head up because there are a handful of great lenders that specifically tailor their programs to people with bad credit. We researched the landscape of lenders that can help you get a car loan even if you have a below-average credit score.

Based on our study, OneMain Financial and LightStream are two of the top lenders offering bad credit card loans. This is due to factors including loan options, requirements to qualify, and interest rates offered. Of course, we offer in-depth reviews of all the top lenders who offer bad credit car loans further down in this piece.


In this guide we also help you understand the factors that go into selecting the right auto lender, and how to get the best rate you can.



Most Important Factors for Bad Credit Car Loans

If you’re in the market for a bad credit car loan, there are a plethora of factors to consider and compare. Here are the main loan details we looked at in our study, and the ones you should prioritize as you select the best car loan for your needs.

  • Check your credit score. And understand what is in your credit report.
  • FICO scores under 579 is considered ‘poor’. But you may need a bad credit loan with a score as high as 669.
  • Interest rates and fees matter. These can make a huge difference in how much you pay for an auto loan each month.
  • Compare loan terms. Consider your repayment timeline and compare lenders with this in mind.
  • Getting prequalified online can help. Some lenders, including ones that made our ranking, let you get prequalified for a loan online without a hard inquiry on your credit report.
  • Watch out for loan restrictions. Some lenders impose restrictions on what car you can purchase. Keep this in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

The Best Bad Credit Car Loans of 2020

The best bad credit car loans make it easy for consumers to qualify for the financing they need. The following lenders made our list due to their superior loan offerings, excellent customer service, and reputation in this industry.

Car Loan Company Best For… Get Started
Best for Flexibility Apply Now
bad credit car loan upgrade Best Personal Loan Option Apply Now
autocreditexpress logo Best Loan for Bad Credit and No Credit Apply Now
myautoloan bad credit car loan logo Best Loan Comparison Site Apply Now
capitalone logo Best Big Bank Loan for Bad Credit Apply Now
lightstream logo Best for Fast Funding Apply Now

Why Some Lenders Didn’t Make the Cut

While the lenders we are profiling are the best of the best, there are plenty of bad credit car loans that didn’t quite make the cut. We didn’t include any lenders that only offer auto loan refinancing, for example, since we know many people need a car loan in order to purchase a new or used car or truck. We also stayed away from bad credit car loans that charge outrageous fees for consumers with the lowest credit scores.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Reviews

We listed the top companies we selected in our study above, but we also aim to provide readers with more insights and details on each. The reviews below highlight the highlights of each lender that made our list, plus our take on who they might be best for.

OneMain Financial: Best for Flexibility

OneMain Financial offers personal loans and auto loans with interest rates that range from 18.00% to 35.99%. You can repay your auto loan in 24, 36, 48, or 60 months, and you can use this lender to borrow up to $20,000 for a new or used car. You can apply for your auto loan online and from the comfort of your own home, and it’s possible to get approved within a matter of minutes.

While OneMain Financial doesn’t list a minimum credit score requirement, it’s believed they will approve consumers with scores as low as 600. You should also note that auto loans from OneMain Financial come with an origination fee of up to 5% of your loan amount.

Sign Up With OneMain Financial Today

Why This Lender Made Our List: OneMain Financial offers a lot of flexibility in terms of your loan terms, including the option to repay your auto loan over five years. OneMain Financial also has pretty decent reviews from users for a bad credit lender, and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Potential Downsides to Be Aware Of: OneMain Financial charges some pretty high rates for its bad credit loans, and don’t forget that you may need to pay an origination fee that is up to 5% of your loan amount. Their loans are also capped at $20,000, which means this lender won’t work for everyone.

Who It’s Best For: This lender is best for consumers with really poor credit who need auto financing but can’t get approved for a better loan.

Upgrade: Best Personal Loan Option

Upgrade is an online lender that offers personal loans with fixed interest rates, fixed monthly payments, and a fixed repayment timeline. You can borrow up to $50,000 in an unsecured loan, which means you won’t actually use the car you purchase as collateral for the loan.

You can repay the money you borrow over 36 to 60 months, which makes it possible for you to tweak your loan offer to secure a monthly payment you can afford. Upgrade has a minimum credit score requirement of 620 to qualify, although they’ll consider additional factors such as your income and employment history.

Sign Up With Upgrade Today

Why This Lender Made Our List: Upgrade lets you “check your rate” online without a hard inquiry on your credit report. This makes it easy to shop around and compare this loan offer to others without having to fill out a full loan application. Also note that Upgrade has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Potential Downsides to Be Aware Of: Upgrade charges APRs as high as 35.89% for consumers with the worst credit, and an origination fee of up to 6% of your loan amount might also apply.

Who It’s Best For: Upgrade is best for consumers with decent credit who need to borrow a larger loan amount. This loan is also best for anyone who wants an auto loan that isn’t secured by their vehicle. Best Loan for Bad Credit and No Credit is an online platform that lets consumers with bad credit and even no credit get the financing they need. Once you fill out some basic loan information, you’ll be connected with a lender who can offer you financing as well as a dealership in your area. From there, you’ll head to the local dealership and pull the pieces of your auto loan together, including the purchase price of the car you want.

Sign Up With Today

Why This Lender Made Our List: has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This platform also makes it possible for consumers with no credit at all to finance a car, which is a welcome relief for people who are building credit for the first time.

Potential Downsides to Be Aware Of: This website is a loan platform but they don’t offer loans directly to consumers. This means you won’t have any idea on rates and terms until you fill out an application and get connected with a lender.

Who It’s Best For: This loan is best for consumers with no credit or minimal credit history who cannot get approved for a loan elsewhere. Best Loan Comparison Site is a loan comparison site that makes it easy to compare up to four auto loan offers in a matter of minutes. You can use this website to apply for a new auto loan, but you can also utilize it to consider refinancing offers for an auto loan you already have. You can also use funds from this platform to purchase a car from a dealer or from a private seller.

Sign Up With OneMain Today

Why This Lender Made Our List: Comparing auto loans in terms of their terms, rates, and fees is the best way to save money and wind up with the best deal. Since is a loan comparison site, they make it easy to shop around and compare competing offers.

Potential Downsides to Be Aware Of: Loan comparison sites connect you with other lenders who have their own loan terms and minimum requirements for approval. Make sure you know and understand all the details of loans you’re considering before you sign on the dotted line.

Who It’s Best For: is best for consumers who want to do all their auto loan shopping with a single website.

Capital One: Best Big Bank Loan for Bad Credit

Capital One offers online auto loan financing in conjunction with a program called Auto Navigator®. This program lets you get prequalified for an auto loan online, then work with a participating dealer to coordinate a loan for the car you want. Capital One also lets you search available vehicles at participating dealerships before you apply for financing, making it easy to figure out how much you might need to borrow ahead of time.

Sign Up With Capital One

Why This Lender Made Our List: Capital One offers the huge benefit of letting you get prequalified online without a hard inquiry to your credit report. Capital One is also a reputable bank with a long history, which should give borrowers some comfort. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and plenty of decent reviews from consumers.

Potential Downsides to Be Aware Of: You should be aware that Capital One auto loans only work at participating dealers, so you may be limited in terms of available cars to choose from.

Who It’s Best For: Capital One auto loans are best for consumers who find a car they want to buy at one of the participating lenders that works with this program.

LightStream: Best for Fast Funding

LightStream offers online loans for a variety of purposes, including auto financing. Their auto loans for consumers with excellent credit start at just 3.99% with autopay, and even their loans for consumers with lower credit scores only run as high as 16.79% with autopay.

You can apply for your LightStream loan online and get approved in a matter of minutes. This lender can also send your funds as soon as the same business day you apply.

A minimum credit score of 660 is required for loan approval, although other factors like your work history and income are considered.

Sign Up With LightStream

Why This Lender Made Our List: LightStream offers auto loans with exceptional terms, and that’s even true for consumers with less than perfect credit. You can also get your loan funded as soon as the same business day you apply, which is crucial if you need auto financing so you can get back on the road.

Potential Downsides to Be Aware Of: With a minimum credit score requirement of 660, these loans won’t work for consumers with the lowest credit scores.

Who It’s Best For: LightStream is best for people with decent credit who need to get auto loan financing as quickly as possible.

What You Need To Know When Applying For A Car Loan With Bad Credit

Interest rates and fees matter.

If you think your interest rate and loan fees won’t make a big difference in your monthly payment, think again. The reality is that rates and fees can make a huge difference in how much you pay for an auto loan each month. Consider this: A $10,000 loan with an APR of 35.89% will require you to pay $361 per month for five years. The same loan amount at 21.99% APR will only set you back $276 per month. At 9.99%, you would pay only $212 per month for five years. The bottom line: Make sure to compare auto loans for bad credit so you wind up with the lowest possible APR you can qualify for.

Take steps to improve your credit score before you apply.

It’s not always possible to wait to apply for a car loan, but you may be able to secure a lower interest rate and better loan terms if you can improve your credit score before you borrow money. The most important steps you can take to improve your score include paying all your bills early or on time, as well as paying down debt in order to decrease your credit utilization. You should also refrain from opening or closing too many credit card accounts in order to avoid new inquiries on your credit report and maintain the longest average length of your credit history possible.

Compare loan terms.

Some lenders let you borrow money for up to 84 months, while others let you repay your loan over 36 or 60 months at most. If you need to repay your loan over a longer timeline in order to secure an affordable monthly payment, make sure to compare lenders based on this factor. If you’re having trouble figuring out how much can you can afford, gauging affordability based on the monthly payments you can handle can also help in that effort.

Getting prequalified online can help.

Some lenders, including ones that made our ranking, let you get prequalified for a loan online without a hard inquiry on your credit report. This makes it considerably easier to compare rates and shop around without formally applying for an auto loan. Getting prequalified with more than one lender can also help you determine which one might offer the lowest rate without having to fill out a full loan application.

Watch out for loan restrictions.

As you compare the lenders on this list, keep in mind that not all lenders extend loans for any car you want. Some only let you finance cars with participating lenders in their network, which can drastically limit your options and make it impossible to purchase a car from a private seller. If you hope to purchase a car from someone you know or a website like, you may want to consider reaching out to your personal bank or a credit union you have a relationship with.

Bad credit car loans don’t have to be forever.

Finally, you should know that a car loan for bad credit doesn’t have to last forever. You may need to borrow money for a car right now regardless of the interest rate and terms you can qualify for, but it may be possible to refinance your loan into a better loan product later on. This is especially true if you focus on improving your credit score right away, and if you use your auto loan as an opportunity to prove your creditworthiness.

How to Get the Best Rate

1. Check your credit score.

Your credit score is one of the most important defining factors that dictate loan costs. Before you apply for an auto loan, it can help you check your credit score to see where you stand. Your score may not be as bad as you realize, but it could also be worse than you ever imagined. Either way, it helps to know this important information before you start shopping for an auto loan.

2. Improve your credit over time.

If your credit score needs work, you’ll want to take steps to start improving it right away. The most important steps you can take to boost your credit score include paying all your bills early or on time and paying down debt to decrease your credit utilization. Also, make sure you’re not opening or closing too many credit accounts within a short amount of time.

3. Check your credit reports.

Use the website to get a free copy of your credit reports from all three credit bureaus. Once you have this information, check over your credit reports for errors. If you find false information that might be hurting your score, take the steps to have the incorrect information removed.

4. Compare loan offers from at least three lenders.

A crucial step to get the best rate involves shopping around and comparing loan offers from at least three different lenders. This is important since lenders with different criteria might offer a lower APR or better terms than others.

5. Be flexible with repayment terms.

Also consider a few different loan terms provided you can afford the monthly payment with each. Some auto lenders offer better rates for shorter terms, which can help you save money if you can afford to repay your loan over 24 or 36 months instead of 60+.

How We Chose the Best Auto Loans

The lenders on our list weren’t plucked out of thin air. In fact, the team behind this guide spent hours comparing auto lenders based on a wide range of criteria. Here’s everything we considered when comparing the best bad credit car loans of 2020:

Interest Rates and Loan Terms: Our team looked for loans that offer reasonable rates and terms for consumers with poor credit. While higher APRs are typically charged to consumers with a low credit score, we only considered lenders that offer sensible rates that don’t seem out of line for the auto loan market.

Ratings and Reviews: We gave preference to lenders who have decent reviews online, either through Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, or another third party website. We also gave higher marks to lenders who have a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Online Availability: Lenders who offer full loan details online were definitely given top priority in our ranking, and lenders who let you get prequalified online without a hard inquiry on your credit report were given the most points in this category. But since not everyone wants to apply for a loan online, we also included some lenders that let you apply over the phone.

Approval Requirements: Finally, we looked for lenders that extend credit to consumers with low credit scores in the first place. Not all lenders offer specific information on approval requirements, but we did our best to sort out lenders that only accept borrowers with good or excellent credit.

Summary: Best Bad Credit Card Loans of 2020

The post What Are the Best Car Loans When You Have Bad Credit? appeared first on Good Financial Cents®.

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Someone Local Has My SSN



A few weeks ago I was checking my credit via a credit app, like I regularly do, and also because I received a notification that my address had been updated. I moved a while ago so it was a little late, but I figured, why not just look and see what's going on.

In the alerts, I noticed that I had an inquiry for a Target credit card – the day prior, in fact. I call them up and ask questions (they give me some details), let them know it's fraudulent, etc. I took all the necessary steps to ensure that this doesn't go beyond what happened (fraud alerts, ftc, etc). The application didn't go through – thank goodness.

Anyway, I'm really perturbed by what has transpired. I reported this to the police and luckily, they are taking this so seriously it makes me want to cry – they have been awesome. We have pictures/videos of these women (two) and it was so eerie seeing them because they're so calm about committing a crime.

I have been obsessed with figuring out how they got my information; this is what is so jarring to me. They used my name (obviously), previous address, and my social security number. The detective said this is somewhat unusual because they are local, so he implied that this probably wasn't something they got on the dark web.

I was thinking about the possibilities…and I came up with something odd that happened the day prior to the attempt. I attended a college nearby years ago, like 8 years ago, I think. I received a text from them letting me know that I should evaluate the online classes that I am taking. The message is cut off so I can't see the whole thing. I called the college and they said that I am not showing as enrolled so I dropped it there.

But it then occurred to me that I had just applied for income-based repayment for my student loans late last month. My email is full of all the messages sent and they're all circling the time when the identity theft took place. The place managing my loans is located nearby, even though I did all this online. I called this organization and asked them if they regularly see social security numbers and they told me that this is the case. They just aren't allowed to have pens, paper, or their cell phones on the floor. But they have lockers to use.

Could this be the cause? I haven't used my SSN for anything except taxes and I got a new vehicle early last year. I'm wondering if someone at this organization managing student loans gleaned information from my file somehow and triggered something at my school to send notifications, but maybe that's a bit far-fetched.

I called a lot of places I typically do business with and none of them come as close as this organization in theory, of course, but I'm wondering what you fine people think of this. Have you had something like this happen?

There is also something else I can't quite wrap my head around and that is her driver's license. The last 4 digits don't match mine, of course (?). But I was thinking, since they scanned her ID at the time of the application, how did the person processing this not notice that her information doesn't match what she wrote down? Or was it a fake ID (are they even "scannable")? Or…could she possibly have access to fake the information so it matches like working at the DMV? I don't know.

Obviously, I want these two people caught and I am confident that they will be. In the interim, anyone have any ideas? Who I should call? Try something else to protect my identity (I think I thought of everything, but I could be wrong)?

Thank you; sorry if the post doesn't quite fit here – I don't post really.

submitted by /u/helloimalexandria

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The First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® Secured Credit Card Review



The is designed to help cardholders build or rebuild their credit. Instead of tying card approval to your credit score, First Progress uses a refundable security deposit to establish your credit line. With no minimum credit score or credit history required, this card is a great option to help manage debt and improve financial health.

This card is backed by Progress Credit, which helps cardholders steadily build or rebuild their credit scores. The company also offers two other secured cards — the and the — which features slightly lower annual fees but higher interest rates.

The First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® Secured Credit Card can’t compete on rewards or annual fees when it comes to secured credit cards, but it offers one of the lowest purchase APRs available.

What we like about the First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® Secured Credit Card

  • 9.99% (Variable) APR for purchases, which is significantly lower than most secured and unsecured cards
  • No minimum credit score or history required, making it easy to start building credit with a cash deposit of $200
  • Deposits are fully refundable once your balance is paid
  • Credit scores are reported to all three major credit bureaus monthly to help build credit

Things to consider

  • $49 annual fee: If your cash flow is limited, this fee can be frustrating
  • No balance transfers: This card doesn’t offer the option of balance transfers
  • Potential payment fees: If you choose to use outside payment vendors rather than your bank account to make balance payments, you maybe be charged additional fees
  • Late payment fees: You’ll be charged up to $40 for any payments not received by the statement due date

First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® low APR details

While the defining feature of this card is secured credit, what sets it apart from competitors is its low purchase APR. Making the most of the means leveraging these features in tandem to maximize your purchasing power and boost your credit score.

To get approved, you must deposit $200 into a deposit account at Synovus Bank. While it can be refunded if you pay your credit balance and close your account, it can’t be removed while your card is active. Once your card is activated, the automatic credit reporting each month means that you’re constantly building credit to eventually gain a higher credit limit.

The low APR offered by First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® Secured Credit Card makes the path to better credit easier. At just under 10% (variable with the prime rate), you’ll pay less in interest for purchases each month, in turn reducing the amount of time you’ll spend paying your card down. This is what credit bureaus want to see — cards that are used but also consistently paid off.

First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® fees

The biggest fee you’ll pay for the is the annual fee of $49 per year. You also pay $10 or 3% (whichever is greater) for any cash advances, and a 3% fee also applies to any foreign transactions. It’s also worth noting the card’s late and returned payment fees, which are up to $40 and up to $29, respectively.

While foreign transactions and cash advances probably won’t be your first priority when building credit, the cost of yearly fees combined with fairly substantial late and returned penalties can negatively impact your overall financial footing.

How does it compare to other secured credit cards?

Although the offers the benefit of low APR for purchases, it’s not the only secured credit option on the market. For example, if you prefer secured credit with no annual fee, the may be your best fit. If you like the idea of getting cash back while also building your credit, opt for the to earn while you spend.

Card Ongoing Purchase APR Annual Fee Intro Bonus Credit Needed Key features
9.99% (Variable) $49 None No Credit History
  • No credit score or credit history required
  • Low purchase APR
  • Security deposit is fully refundable
26.99% (Variable) $0 None No Credit History
  • No annual fee
  • Access more credit with a larger initial security deposit
  • Increase your credit line after making your first five monthly payments on time
24.49% Variable $0 Discover will match all cash back earned at the end of your first year No Credit History
  • Earn 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants up to $1,000 each quarter, plus unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • Review your FICO credit score for free each month
  • Late payments won’t increase your APR

The bottom line

The is a great fit if you’re looking to build or rebuild your credit, thanks to its easy approval process and low APR. If cash back rewards or having no annual fees are your biggest priority, however, consider other options like the or the .

Editorial Note: Compensation does not influence our recommendations. However, we may earn a commission on sales from the companies featured in this post. To view a list of partners, click here. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by our advertisers. Reasonable efforts are made to present accurate info, however all information is presented without warranty. Consult our advertiser’s page for terms & conditions.

The post The First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® Secured Credit Card Review appeared first on The Simple Dollar.

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