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Tips & Tricks – How To Make Money – With or Without Investment..



I am going to give you a short and to the point, explanation of three ways (Simple, average and advanced) to make money, whether you are at the beginning of your internet marketing journey, or if you want to put some eggs in different baskets.

Reselling SEO / SMM / Accounts = Zero investment

Grow and sell / bank Pinterest accounts = 10 to 30 a month investment

Ads Arbitrage = 300 to infinite investment

Let`s rock and roll.

Reselling SEO / SMM / Accounts / Whatever = Zero investment


Have you ever looked at the marketplace of Seoclerks? How many services do you see there? Loads.

I can bet, without blinking, that some of the people who sell, even here, they find some methods or ideas around reselling, including myself.​


Why not?! Reselling things is not something new, and it will always work with little effort from you, some of which are entirely new to this world.


Fiverr, SEOClerks, Etc

Let`s talk about SEOClerks.

Personally, I am a hater of Fiverr and SEOclerks, but I was positively surprised by what I found there in the latest months. I do use them, but just for GSA blasts or tier 2-3 links, but that's another story.

Ok, we don't care; How do I make money there?

Go crossways – Fiverr/SEOClerks.

Randomly generated example

Pick a method: Let`s say you decide to do web 2.0`s because they are easy and it`s just labor work:

Fiverr: 10 web 2.0`s = They sell it for 14 apples

SeoClerks: 10 web 2.0`s = They sell it for 15 apples

Doing simple math, you must be more competitive and qualitative than them.

Be unique

If they offer just 1 page on each web 2.0 > You offer 2

If they say they will blast them with 500 links > You offer 1000 link blasts

They offer spun content > You provide unique content

Give customers bonuses; everybody loves "free" things, don`t you? I do.

If you were to do them yourself, the profit could be quite a lot higher. If you do not want to do that, just deal with someone from site A and sell from site B; in this example, you will buy from SEOClerks with your custom tweak.


3 apples – taxes – fees = You get 1 apple for nothing

Now sky is the limit: Combine package, contact sellers and tell them you want to be their reseller and they will give you a nice continuous discount.

Buy something from SeoClerks from seller X and something from seller Y > make a combo > Sell it on Fiverr

Basic first thoughts when you read this as a newbie?

I don`t want an apple; I want all three!!

Just for your information: Greedy and poor can`t be the same sentence together. Even if you have young blood, try to be a realist; if you are not gifted with the highest IQ and a brilliant idea overnight, you must work like the rest of us, hard and continuously.

I will never make money with 1-5 USD

Really? Have you ever seen one of the best sellers on SEOClerks. Do some simple math, looking at his average prices vs. his ratings ( and maybe that`s just half of sales because not all the people give ratings; it is optional.

He has got, as I write this, no more than 16,935 positive ratings

If you are from a 3rd world country, assuming you do this for 2 years with earnings as low as 1-5 USD for each sale, I guess you will still do more than the average local salary.

Bottom line: Start small, learn, fail, learn, grow, bank, scale, scale, scale.

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  1. Pinterest grow and sell / bank / rent / whatever!

This method is pretty simple, and you don`t need to have any ideas about how Pinterest or social media works, engagement, or whatever the hell they talk about with Instagram.

If I was you, I forget about Instagram; they are too strict, and even old marketers have troubles with them, but hey… Pinterest is here to stay!

Make a business account.

Sign up with ( something general/casual ) but not shitty account!!!

Make sure you only work with broad niches/categories from Pinterest ( see them here )

Make your profile look nice, profile picture, about me, etc.

Build a couple of boards in the niche you want ( create at least 10 )

For the first couple of days, just let it sit. Do a couple of repins from other random accounts, follow a couple of people, and let it die.

My method is stupid easy and will work forever. Of course, a ban can occur but is all on automatically and who cares.

Once you have decided the niche, build a site in that niche, then verify it on Pinterest. Don`t look for fancy graphics, themes, or bullshit; focus on speed + mobile because most of them come from mobile.

Buy Jarvee or other

Setup the account with your real IP

Now the funny things come, all you need to do is POST PHOTOS.


Seriously, I`ve tested this method over the last 2 years and work flawless.

You mad?

No. Let`s say you decide to do a meme blog.

How I do it?

Go and create 10-20 blog posts > All posts must contain 10-30 images and some text.

1 Blog post = 1 board ( Must be in exactly the same sub-niche )

If you use Jarvee:

Create a campaign

> add hundreds of photos related to that board

> edit posts in bulk

> source URL

> copy source URL to others

> put the blog post related to that page ( see above )

> shuffle posts a couple of times to kill the paranoia.

Ok, how do I get hundreds of images for that specific board, sub-niche?

From Pinterest of course, but get them in bulk.

Use Chrome/Brave

Add extension: DownAlbum

Search on Pinterest seed keyword

On the right of the search bar, you will see: "All Pins “ button > click on it > and select boards

Find a board with at least 300 images, press on the down button icon from the browser then select normal download.

Let it finish or press stop if there are to many > save them > that`s it.

Now you can have thousands of targeted images in minutes. Don`t worry about duplicates. If you use jarvee just select to make images unique, Pinterest has no clue or they just don`t care.

Play around how would you like with this optional setup to look natural.

Setup the bot to post 3-10 images a day

Setup the bot also to repin random from other accounts

Setup the bot to follow 1-10 users a day

Setup the bot to unfollow after 3-6 days

Once you start having couple of hundreds of images with the source URL of your site you will get organically repins and traffic.

Good niches for traffic

memes, quotes, tattoos, makeup, nails, hairstyle, women's fashion.

How much traffic you can get?

On normal niches: 100-300 a day

On viral such as memes: 3000 a day

How to bank?

Adsense, Amazon, whatever.

How much I will earn?

Depends, even if you earn 2-5 euro a day I think it is enough to pay 20 euro a month fo Jarvee + social presence for your site.

Sell the account with the site after a few months

Rent pins.

Can I point many accounts to the same domain?

No, I have realized that they limit the root domain reach whatever you do, you can try repining, but it will have a small impact. At least it was like that for me.

Arbitrage ( WordPress + Adsense vs Facebok Ads + Google Ads = Quiz Love)

You need:

A vast history on IM

Be more than average

Understand the ads from publisher and advertiser side

Optimizations skills from publisher and advertiser side

A/B testing methods

Ads placement

Bidding skills

Be ready to





Fail bad

Bank hard

I`m not gonna explain step by step because if you want to try this, you definitely know what I`m saying above.Some people work with a couple of networks as publishers to maximize the earnings; you can do the same.

How I do it?

Rocket fast theme = any basic one will work, preferably with 2 sidebars ( left + right )

A Quiz plugin

Adsense, Google Ads, Facebook Ads accounts

A catchy niche (look at competitors) just do a quick search on google about quizzes.

A very engaging quiz to keep user engaged

The quiz must be:

10+ questions

Written by a skilled guy who is not an average college guy

4-5 answer bullet points for each question

Answer must be almost real/authentic (psychological related) so that the visitor can be impressed by the results so they will share with/friends/family or on socials.

How to put ads?

Be sure you have a big header (more than 2/4 of the size of the first screen seen) so the user is "forced" to scroll down.

Unique image by a professional graphic designer ( me )​


Make pop-up with: subscribe, facebook like box or other social networks

Make an exit pop-up

Give points to users

How much can you earn?

It depends, start small with a couple of euro a day and see how it is converting; even if you are on 0 profit, it`s actually is amazing. I say it`s amazing because you get free laser target traffic > so from this 100% maybe 1-3% of the people will like your page, will follow your profile, will subscribe to your newsletter; so you can benefit from them later.

My opinion: Arbitrage is not like what other people are saying: Some kind of rocket science and only people with big money will do, that`s total bs. You can even do it with 5-10 euro a day, once you learn it then you scale it and play around with networks from advertiser to publisher side.

Final Conclusion

Don`t do as I have said word by word, method with method, take the idea and do it in your way. I did the same.

Reselling: Maybe you can resell better on Facebook Groups or mail blasting, or maybe you start to resell straight away a 500 euro service, not just a few euros.

Pinterest: Maybe you want to bot 100 accounts at once, maybe you want to do a mother/child account, be creative.

Arbitrage: You can use a couple of networks on both sides, you can use only Google Ads to Google Adsense, whatever you think will fit you.


Mega bonus black hat much wow sneaky method: Once you are familiar with link building, go on Fiverr, SEOClerks and ask for REAL SAMPLES. Most of them just try to sell you links from sites where you can get them free, but you will be the master of link building and you will do it yourself. Do Instagram Automation using "Kioko Media" Just google it! Grow a list and Send Email campaigns.. I use bulkmailer[dot]vip belive me they are the best in Email Marketing..

Shitty bonus method: Collect a lot of guest post opportunities (paid or free) and resell them (if this method start to be saturated and all the decent companies will just ignore/delete your spammy message because you will sell whatever 95% of the market sells)

Best of luck..

submitted by /u/PeterMag1

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This Is How You Can Write a Killer Copy



Hey people!

As an early-stage startup founder, I cannot afford a copywriter expert and most of us cannot. I spent 3-4 days learning to copywrite; watched a lot of videos, read articles and posts on this sub, etc. After I wrote my new copy, I decided to turn it into 10 pieces of advice to share. If you have any feedback please comment.

P.S I couldn't upload images if you want to see the last 4 and example images you can click here.

1) Consistency

The look and feel of your site should be uniform throughout. Use the same 2-3 colors, leave consistent white space, and use the same language throughout your website.

This also helps you to create a brand. Your users will know your colors and it will contribute your overall brand awareness

2) No Adverbs, No Adjectives

Don't waste your white space with adverbs or adjectives. Effective copywriting requires a direct speech purged from unnecessary adverbs and adjectives.

After you write your copy always look for sentences or words to erase. If the sentence is powerful without a word, delete it.

3) Your Why matters

Always tell a story. Why you develop your product? What is your background? Did you encounter the problem that you solve?

A killer copy is the one that tells a great personal story. Start with your why and background then talk about the solutions you tried earlier. Finally, talk about your product. Don't forget to split your text into smaller parts to make it easier to read. You can see this kind of a copy at HEY!

4) Create excellent content

Combine content marketing and copywriting to maximize your conversion rate. Create content based on your niche and keywords, make an emotional connection, and make users take action with your killer landing page.

Try to write at least 1000-1500 words and try to be relevant to your audience. Don't just focus on what you sell, but look for trends that your audience search. You can use Google Trends for it.

5) Benefits>Features

Everyone says the same thing Benefits>Features and when something is being said everywhere, it is often being ignored.

As a matter of fact, a lot of landing pages tell about features that only the people who are genuinely interested in the product and experienced in the field can understand.

Tell for a 7-year-old, develop for a nerd.

6) Be a human

We don't talk like a machine in real life. Why would you write your copy like a machine? Your brand is like a human and it talks with people. Make it real.

If you have a video or an image, you can use real people on them or you can be on them. It feels great to see the person behind a landing page, it creates trust and a sense of friendship.


In this article, we reviewed the copywriting basics for beginners. You really don't need to hire a copywriting expert. All it takes is continuously testing your copy and taking data-driven actions.

submitted by /u/sweetpotato31

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You Know This Song: Having Confidence to Sing the Soundtrack to Your Life by @NancySolari



by Nancy Solari 

One of my favorite hobbies and passions has always been karaoke. But as my vision started deteriorating after being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, I found I could no longer read the lyrics at a distance. I solved this by having the karaoke host at my go-to bar whisper the words to me while I sang, but when I visited other karaoke places, I ran into issues with the DJ or manager being uncomfortable reading the words to me. In my mind, I felt more secure when they assisted me, but the audience often sat there whispering among themselves, confused by my performance.

One night, I was at a bar with my friends and serenading them with the well-known Britney Spears song “…Baby One More Time.” The manager agreed to whisper the lyrics in my ear, but I had to repeatedly lean down to hear her; my body swaying like a pendulum during the performance. Suddenly, a woman got up from her seat, marched towards me, slammed her hand on the stage, and shouted: “You know this song!” Without another word, she disappeared, and I never encountered her again. But I immediately started singing the song without the manager and to my surprise, she was right: I sang the song perfectly. I realized I no longer needed my “karaoke crutch” of having the words read to me in order for me to succeed.

The next day, I was still perplexed by the mystery lady and my triumph in the bar. But it gave me the chance to understand I had become too dependent on others. The interruption of my song allowed me to recognize this and trust my abilities again.

In order for us to grow into being our most authentic selves, we must plant the seeds of the following qualities…


Let disrupters Into Your life

When I performed at karaoke bars, I was content with someone feeding me the words until the I was jolted into realizing the truth: I knew the lyrics and was capable of singing on my own. What I needed was someone to assist in my overall personal growth.

We need these people in our lives, because there are insecurities we cannot recognize in ourselves. The woman who interrupted me on stage saw the discomfort in my body and gave me the impetus to perform without assistance. Our friends and family do the same for us: They give us guidance and provide opportunities that endow us with confidence.


Believe in Your abilities

When my vision started worsening, I began leaning on those around me. It was only when I started singing on my own again that I grew more self-reliant. I developed a new habit of listening to the song a few times to learn the melody, and practicing for hours before performing. I discovered if I messed up the verses, I could just smile and make them up as went along: I learned how to adapt and become a stronger.

To find this self-assurance, I had to examine what I liked about myself. Nobody is perfect, but we have to consider a skill we take pride in and let it be our signature trait. For some it might be a physical attribute, and for others it may be intelligence. We can use confidence in this singular feature to build our self-worth in other areas: It becomes like a business card defining us in the best way possible.


Play Only Your Soundtrack

 My ability to sing and do karaoke is important because it stems from a time before I lost my sight. The music industry was a career path I went down for a brief period. I was going to music award parties, meeting with presidents of different record labels, and recording my music. As exciting as the industry was, I encountered sexual harassment that made me feel powerless.

One night, I was at an industry party that opened my eyes. I found myself scanning the room and observing new artists who were indulging in drugs. In that moment, I went to the bathroom; tears were running down my face, and I felt adrift in a sea of partiers. I looked in the mirror and told myself: “These are not my people.” I immediately left the party and walked away from the music industry. I found the confidence to step out of that world, and I felt like I gained my soul back.

By confronting what I desired in life and have conviction in my morals, I left behind people I knew would not have assisted my growth. To find our true selves, we need this self-reflection. I found when I journaled or voiced my thoughts into a recorder, I effectively discovered my inner pain. When we examine ourselves through a different prism, we learn what holds us back and can create change in our lives.

The soundtrack to my life is far from complete, as I continue to be challenged by my vision every day. But each time we are confronted with adversity, we must remember our best verses will be about overcoming hardship, and the greatest songs often take years to write. Along the way, when self-confidence meets our authentic selves, we come one step closer to finishing the album to our life.

And that is music to my ears.



Nancy Solari is an inspiring example of living life with a positive mindset, regardless of the challenges you face.

At sixteen, she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa: a progressive retinal disease that leads to blindness. Over the years, Nancy experienced significant vision loss, but refused to let this dissuade her from following her dreams. She obtained a BA in broadcasting and psychology from the University of Oregon, worked for Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight, had a successful singing career, and was a top-producing Realtor in Southern California.

Nancy went on to obtain a life coaching degree, and launched Living Full Out in 2008 to help others achieve their goals. An accomplished coach, speaker, and host of the national radio show, Living Full Out with Nancy Solari, she shares her tools for success with audiences and organizations all around the country.




The post You Know This Song: Having Confidence to Sing the Soundtrack to Your Life by @NancySolari appeared first on She Owns It.

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A Bigger Truth About Restaurant Food Delivery



Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

I was listening to Dan Primack’s podcast on Pro Rata and he was interviewing Senator Klobucher who is now publicly and vocally speaking out against Uber purchasing Grubhub and has tried to mobilize against this.

Her argument is that if Uber buys Grubhub (which itself once merged with Seamless) it would mean that Uber Eats / Grubhub would control half the market and that with DoorDash the two together would control 90% of the market. I think that’s a largely flawed fight to be picking and of all the uses of Senator Klobuchar’s I could think of some much more productive fights to be having.

For starters Uber itself has had to lay off 27% of its workforce due to the pandemic and has been severely impacted financially from the crisis with no immediate respite in sight. Its core business was already struggling to become profitable, so having tertiary businesses like food delivery that can deliver needed profits would be welcome to their financial stability. And the market would still have DoorDash and PostMates duking it out as well as the potential that players like Instacart broaden their business one day or Amazon gets into food delivery.

Even more likely is eventual technology disruption where drones deliver foods and make it hard for existing car delivery services to compete. It won’t happen right away but I’ve seen some innovative companies doing exactly this in places like Australia where they are taking a more liberal approach to allowing drone deliveries. Therein lies the advantages of free markets and competition and if we really believed it were that easy to buy off your largest competitor and be a monopolist we’d all be surfing on AOL TimeWarner portals.

But the broader issue that hasn’t garnered much press attention is how the restaurant industry itself is being transformed and what tools a modern restaurant will need to compete. What is the Shopify of the restaurant industry? I have some compelling data that suggests it may just become ChowNow.

We know that the restaurant business already operates on thin margins and many struggle to survive. So when delivery services came along many were willing to pay the fee to try and increase business. It was only about 10–15% of their actual total revenue per month so for many it wasn’t a battle worth fighting — they just put up with the food delivery company fees. Customers were happy and restaurants focused on their in-store business.

The problem for the restaurants is that the more successful the “aggregators” of customer demand become over time, the less power the restaurants themselves have individually. This will largely be true whether you have 2 strong competitors or 5 because unless a delivery company can make a profit it won’t continue to stay in business.

The delivery companies own the customer relationship and can drive traffic to the most profitable restaurants for them. Obviously if you have a great restaurant brand with differentiated food people search for you by name but for many people looking for pizza, sushi, Mexican food, Thai food, whatever, you might go with the choice put in front of you if it’s being recommended or delivered more quickly. The delivery companies also own many of the assets like the photography so they can make certain options look much more attractive.

So just like when Groupon came out many small merchants welcomed the uptick in traffic, without owning the customer you lose the most valuable asset — the ability to re-market to your customer base and encourage them to become more loyal and more frequent customers. You lose the ability to up-sell and cross-sell products. And just like with Groupon the small businesses ended up having many unprofitable customers.

At Upfront we always took the approach that we wanted to back startups that enabled merchants to own the customer relationship and to increase profits by becoming excellent at marketing and serving ones most loyal customers.

So several years ago we backed a company called ChowNow that enables restaurants to offer self-service ordering for pick-up or delivery and the restaurant owns all of the customer information and relationship — ChowNow is simply a SaaS enablement product.

The company has done well over the past several year but never really captured the same press mindshare as the food delivery companies because when a company shows up at your house you get to know that brand rather than the tech that enables restaurants.

Covid-19 has changed all of that. Whereas pickup & delivery may have been 10–15% of a restaurant’s business before it’s currently 100% and when it’s your entire business the thought of paying huge commissions to a third-party delivery service becomes much less attractive. So while many restaurants knew they eventually needed to invest in better order management software, many had been putting it off.

But just as many product or apparel companies were happy selling at Amazon, Walmart or Nordstrom in the past and have lately realized the importance of Shopify and serving customers directly — so, too, are restaurants. Enter ChowNow.

What data do I have to make the case?

  • ChowNow now has 17,000 restaurants using its SaaS platform for take-out and delivery and is adding more than 2,000 / month right now (and trending up)
  • 10 million diners now use the ChowNow ordering platform vs. 24 million for GrubHub, so like Shopify while they built the customer base slowly and with capital efficiency they are now rivaling the bigger players in footprint
  • Last year they were serving 50,000 customers / day through their platform and did approximately $500 million in GMV (the value of the orders placed), this year they are on track to do $3 billion (with a B) and expect to end the year at a revenue run rate that may top $100 million (yes, I asked for permission to publish these numbers).

If you want to see a short spot that outlines the importance of the restaurant industry arming itself with better software tools to serve and market to their customers you may enjoy this 60-second video that makes it clear why it matters. It speaks volumes to why we all love our local restauranteurs and want to see them survive …

Or if you want to see the argument laid out clearly by a customer, look no further than Motorino Pizza in NYC who posted this note that appears before you enter their website:

A Bigger Truth About Restaurant Food Delivery was originally published in Both Sides of the Table on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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