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Tips & Tricks – How To Make Money – With or Without Investment..



I am going to give you a short and to the point, explanation of three ways (Simple, average and advanced) to make money, whether you are at the beginning of your internet marketing journey, or if you want to put some eggs in different baskets.

Reselling SEO / SMM / Accounts = Zero investment

Grow and sell / bank Pinterest accounts = 10 to 30 a month investment

Ads Arbitrage = 300 to infinite investment

Let`s rock and roll.

Reselling SEO / SMM / Accounts / Whatever = Zero investment


Have you ever looked at the marketplace of Seoclerks? How many services do you see there? Loads.

I can bet, without blinking, that some of the people who sell, even here, they find some methods or ideas around reselling, including myself.​


Why not?! Reselling things is not something new, and it will always work with little effort from you, some of which are entirely new to this world.


Fiverr, SEOClerks, Etc

Let`s talk about SEOClerks.

Personally, I am a hater of Fiverr and SEOclerks, but I was positively surprised by what I found there in the latest months. I do use them, but just for GSA blasts or tier 2-3 links, but that's another story.

Ok, we don't care; How do I make money there?

Go crossways – Fiverr/SEOClerks.

Randomly generated example

Pick a method: Let`s say you decide to do web 2.0`s because they are easy and it`s just labor work:

Fiverr: 10 web 2.0`s = They sell it for 14 apples

SeoClerks: 10 web 2.0`s = They sell it for 15 apples

Doing simple math, you must be more competitive and qualitative than them.

Be unique

If they offer just 1 page on each web 2.0 > You offer 2

If they say they will blast them with 500 links > You offer 1000 link blasts

They offer spun content > You provide unique content

Give customers bonuses; everybody loves "free" things, don`t you? I do.

If you were to do them yourself, the profit could be quite a lot higher. If you do not want to do that, just deal with someone from site A and sell from site B; in this example, you will buy from SEOClerks with your custom tweak.


3 apples – taxes – fees = You get 1 apple for nothing

Now sky is the limit: Combine package, contact sellers and tell them you want to be their reseller and they will give you a nice continuous discount.

Buy something from SeoClerks from seller X and something from seller Y > make a combo > Sell it on Fiverr

Basic first thoughts when you read this as a newbie?

I don`t want an apple; I want all three!!

Just for your information: Greedy and poor can`t be the same sentence together. Even if you have young blood, try to be a realist; if you are not gifted with the highest IQ and a brilliant idea overnight, you must work like the rest of us, hard and continuously.

I will never make money with 1-5 USD

Really? Have you ever seen one of the best sellers on SEOClerks. Do some simple math, looking at his average prices vs. his ratings ( and maybe that`s just half of sales because not all the people give ratings; it is optional.

He has got, as I write this, no more than 16,935 positive ratings

If you are from a 3rd world country, assuming you do this for 2 years with earnings as low as 1-5 USD for each sale, I guess you will still do more than the average local salary.

Bottom line: Start small, learn, fail, learn, grow, bank, scale, scale, scale.

Read more:

  1. Pinterest grow and sell / bank / rent / whatever!

This method is pretty simple, and you don`t need to have any ideas about how Pinterest or social media works, engagement, or whatever the hell they talk about with Instagram.

If I was you, I forget about Instagram; they are too strict, and even old marketers have troubles with them, but hey… Pinterest is here to stay!

Make a business account.

Sign up with ( something general/casual ) but not shitty account!!!

Make sure you only work with broad niches/categories from Pinterest ( see them here )

Make your profile look nice, profile picture, about me, etc.

Build a couple of boards in the niche you want ( create at least 10 )

For the first couple of days, just let it sit. Do a couple of repins from other random accounts, follow a couple of people, and let it die.

My method is stupid easy and will work forever. Of course, a ban can occur but is all on automatically and who cares.

Once you have decided the niche, build a site in that niche, then verify it on Pinterest. Don`t look for fancy graphics, themes, or bullshit; focus on speed + mobile because most of them come from mobile.

Buy Jarvee or other

Setup the account with your real IP

Now the funny things come, all you need to do is POST PHOTOS.


Seriously, I`ve tested this method over the last 2 years and work flawless.

You mad?

No. Let`s say you decide to do a meme blog.

How I do it?

Go and create 10-20 blog posts > All posts must contain 10-30 images and some text.

1 Blog post = 1 board ( Must be in exactly the same sub-niche )

If you use Jarvee:

Create a campaign

> add hundreds of photos related to that board

> edit posts in bulk

> source URL

> copy source URL to others

> put the blog post related to that page ( see above )

> shuffle posts a couple of times to kill the paranoia.

Ok, how do I get hundreds of images for that specific board, sub-niche?

From Pinterest of course, but get them in bulk.

Use Chrome/Brave

Add extension: DownAlbum

Search on Pinterest seed keyword

On the right of the search bar, you will see: "All Pins “ button > click on it > and select boards

Find a board with at least 300 images, press on the down button icon from the browser then select normal download.

Let it finish or press stop if there are to many > save them > that`s it.

Now you can have thousands of targeted images in minutes. Don`t worry about duplicates. If you use jarvee just select to make images unique, Pinterest has no clue or they just don`t care.

Play around how would you like with this optional setup to look natural.

Setup the bot to post 3-10 images a day

Setup the bot also to repin random from other accounts

Setup the bot to follow 1-10 users a day

Setup the bot to unfollow after 3-6 days

Once you start having couple of hundreds of images with the source URL of your site you will get organically repins and traffic.

Good niches for traffic

memes, quotes, tattoos, makeup, nails, hairstyle, women's fashion.

How much traffic you can get?

On normal niches: 100-300 a day

On viral such as memes: 3000 a day

How to bank?

Adsense, Amazon, whatever.

How much I will earn?

Depends, even if you earn 2-5 euro a day I think it is enough to pay 20 euro a month fo Jarvee + social presence for your site.

Sell the account with the site after a few months

Rent pins.

Can I point many accounts to the same domain?

No, I have realized that they limit the root domain reach whatever you do, you can try repining, but it will have a small impact. At least it was like that for me.

Arbitrage ( WordPress + Adsense vs Facebok Ads + Google Ads = Quiz Love)

You need:

A vast history on IM

Be more than average

Understand the ads from publisher and advertiser side

Optimizations skills from publisher and advertiser side

A/B testing methods

Ads placement

Bidding skills

Be ready to





Fail bad

Bank hard

I`m not gonna explain step by step because if you want to try this, you definitely know what I`m saying above.Some people work with a couple of networks as publishers to maximize the earnings; you can do the same.

How I do it?

Rocket fast theme = any basic one will work, preferably with 2 sidebars ( left + right )

A Quiz plugin

Adsense, Google Ads, Facebook Ads accounts

A catchy niche (look at competitors) just do a quick search on google about quizzes.

A very engaging quiz to keep user engaged

The quiz must be:

10+ questions

Written by a skilled guy who is not an average college guy

4-5 answer bullet points for each question

Answer must be almost real/authentic (psychological related) so that the visitor can be impressed by the results so they will share with/friends/family or on socials.

How to put ads?

Be sure you have a big header (more than 2/4 of the size of the first screen seen) so the user is "forced" to scroll down.

Unique image by a professional graphic designer ( me )​


Make pop-up with: subscribe, facebook like box or other social networks

Make an exit pop-up

Give points to users

How much can you earn?

It depends, start small with a couple of euro a day and see how it is converting; even if you are on 0 profit, it`s actually is amazing. I say it`s amazing because you get free laser target traffic > so from this 100% maybe 1-3% of the people will like your page, will follow your profile, will subscribe to your newsletter; so you can benefit from them later.

My opinion: Arbitrage is not like what other people are saying: Some kind of rocket science and only people with big money will do, that`s total bs. You can even do it with 5-10 euro a day, once you learn it then you scale it and play around with networks from advertiser to publisher side.

Final Conclusion

Don`t do as I have said word by word, method with method, take the idea and do it in your way. I did the same.

Reselling: Maybe you can resell better on Facebook Groups or mail blasting, or maybe you start to resell straight away a 500 euro service, not just a few euros.

Pinterest: Maybe you want to bot 100 accounts at once, maybe you want to do a mother/child account, be creative.

Arbitrage: You can use a couple of networks on both sides, you can use only Google Ads to Google Adsense, whatever you think will fit you.


Mega bonus black hat much wow sneaky method: Once you are familiar with link building, go on Fiverr, SEOClerks and ask for REAL SAMPLES. Most of them just try to sell you links from sites where you can get them free, but you will be the master of link building and you will do it yourself. Do Instagram Automation using "Kioko Media" Just google it! Grow a list and Send Email campaigns.. I use bulkmailer[dot]vip belive me they are the best in Email Marketing..

Shitty bonus method: Collect a lot of guest post opportunities (paid or free) and resell them (if this method start to be saturated and all the decent companies will just ignore/delete your spammy message because you will sell whatever 95% of the market sells)

Best of luck..

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Just broke 20k in profit this month and turned 22 years old! Found this bit of text I wrote when I first started this CBD company and was too afraid to post onto here.



It was literally titled "Make Reddit startup thread on /r/entrepreneur" in my old trello board.

I've been on this subreddit too long. When I quit phone games I allowed myself subreddits like this one, when I quit TV I allowed myself Shark Tank. I am trying to be one mode, peep the username and you'll understand. Writings has always been a block, but I feel like my story and philosophies should keep it interesting while bringing you that necessary dopamine to pull your way through this text.
My Start
I dropped out of U of A after building . This site brings in a measly income but all in all its basically passive so can't beat that hourly wage. With extra free time I was starting multiple companies and spreading myself too thin. In the end it worked because I was given water to multiple seedlings, and the seedling that started growing the most I hopped on and let the others die. I never expected to be in this business but it kind of fell into my lap…. or I fell into its. You see I crashed snowboarding one day and KNOCKED myself out. Do not remember making the jump, I remember a second of consciousness on the mountain laying down and then waking up vomiting in the hospital. Apparently I thought I was in another state, and failed to remember my name.
Coming home, I felt like my IQ had lowered to 0 and needed to do something about it. After researching I landed on cannabis, specifically CBD which would hopefully help me recover from my concussion. Not a fan of being high (existential crisis-es) , and being in an illegal state I found CBD Vape juice that had no THC. I got a nice big box mod and went to town, feeling a bit more clarity than before and giving a fuck about what people thought about me I decided to fill a Juul pod with the juice. A fraternity member loved it, he said let me buy 5, and thats how I paid for the bottle with a fraction of the juice.
Ding Ding
Lights went off and what a perfect thing to pair with my small business (but actually its a small business, its a box that is a business called a vending machine) My fraternity now stocked my very own CBD pods, packaged in fancy schmancy dime bags meant for cocaine. They started to sell and I got more serious about this seedling. Packaging, labels, display OH MY. Next thing I knew I was at the counter of a local smokeshop trying to understand the broken english of this Arabian owner. But I walked out of that door with one less display and $90 in my pocket and the feedback loop was born.

submitted by /u/Productiverobot

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The genius of Tesla’s marketing strategy



Traditional advertising is less effective than ever before. It interrupts. It can’t get through ad blockers. We’ve learned to ignore it.

Having fans sell your product is more effective than ever before.

Tesla grasp this. They have zero advertising budget. The focus is on turning customers into fans. And it's fair to say they've succeeded. For three straight years they've been voted Number 1 auto brand by customers.


If I had one just one word to summarise Tesla's success it would be authenticity. They are unashamedly themselves.

The car makes “fart noises”. Their CEO makes memes. And, simultaneously, they have the best engineers in the world working on a solution to the fossil fuel crisis.

The result is both one of the most carefree and one of the most ambitious brands on the planet. It's Weasley's Wizard Wheezes meets Tony Stark. And the juxtaposition is captivating.


If authenticity is how to connect with an audience, controversy is how to multiply an audience. And Musk is the master of this.

He smokes weed with Joe Rogan, sells flamethrowers, blasts a Tesla into orbit, and then when it’s time to launch a real product he’s got our attention.

Imagine any other automobile company attracting the world's media to a launch event, smashing two windows, and preselling 250k+ units ($100 refundable deposit) upfront:

* * *

Competitors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 30s commercial to play during a basketball game.

Tesla sit back and watch their fans make these videos for them. An army of YouTubers explaining “Why I bought the new Cybertruck” in a far more sincere way than any commercial could – See image.

The numbers are frightening. One video by YouTuber Marques Brownlee pulled in 6.9 million views.

6.9M views 1 / 5000 conversion rate = 1,380 Cybertrucks.*

That's $75M revenue.


So, what can we learn from Tesla? Well, if the best salespeople are your customers perhaps marketing should be a little less about attracting eyeballs and a little more about building relationships.

Instead of asking “How many views?” ask yourself “How many fans?”

I experienced this on a micro level last week. One organic tweet from a user resulted in 5x as many newsletter sign ups as $30 worth of Facebook ads.

If you found this useful, I write real world marketing case studies (like this one) over on Marketing Examples. Any questions, I'll be in the comments.

submitted by /u/harrydry

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4 Pillars of a Civil Society by @SBSLEducSoltns




The ‘Holidays’ …


… offer entrepreneurs a renewed opportunity to serve, solve, & be civil, especially in hyper competitive industries.


With this mindset, we can ask ourselves a key question:


How can business owners strengthen the pillars of our civil society?


Please think & then brainstorm ways to turn thoughts into energy; consider this post both informative AND actionable.


Defining civil society

This topic echoes last month’s post, many definitions exist, leaving us with another question to ponder that’s also well worth our time. Which to pick?


Here’s my chosen one.


Yet, if you settle on another, there isn’t a ‘wrong’ answer; your choice is likely tied to your unique perspective, lens, and/or life experiences.


Civil societies, in the 19th century, often included a ‘sister’ term, a component, [a] mutual aid society …


[they] prefigure most functions of the modern state. They’re at least as old as armies, but their mission is life, not death. For millennia, people have banded together to provide each other with health care, pensions, … and livelihoods. They have also leveraged their numbers to elicit some of these same benefits from those other two institutions, business and the government. Mutual aid extends the bonds of kinship and makes individuals into citizens.

Anya Kamenetz


1st pillar :  The Family   

The holidays & families often are rightfully intertwined: so, too, the first pillar of civil society is emblazoned with the word ‘family’ & it’s an earned label.


Maybe you’re a family business? Nearby where I live, the Conway Center is a terrific resource for them & the other businesses who seek to serve this demographic. Quite likely, there are ‘like’ organizations elsewhere in America, as family businesses are very common.


Perhaps some/all of your clients/customers are families?


No matter how we look at it, it’s rather challenging to separate family from civil society, and a civil society from entrepreneurship.


2nd pillar : Non Profits ( inc. social enterprise )  

As the 19th century transitioned into the 20th, mutual aid societies began to fade; previously thriving organizations were often overshadowed as America became more centralized, corporatized, & urbanized.


We’ve now begun (  this post offers backgrounder ) turning back, with a modern flair, to where we once were as a civil society. Rough edges & burrs on the saddle of the Gig (Sharing/Youpreneur) Economy can, without question, be ‘buffed’ by devolving & delegating societal challenges & thorny problems to non profit institutions, especially social enterprises.


What’s a social enterprise? As stated in this annual report, they’re ‘easy to understand’ & more necessary to renewing our nation than many might realize.


3rd pillar : Faith institutions 

Faith in the entrepreneurial ‘square’, our common culture, let alone civil society, often stirs up emotions & thorny debates.


To avoid needless arguments, I humbly encourage everyone to consider multiple definitions:

Perhaps you’ll pick ‘faith’ as defined by the venerable Napoleon Hill in his masterwork, ‘Think & Grow Rich’ , or maybe you’ll instead lean into a Judeo-Christian foundational definition, as espoused by organizations like Truth At Work.


No matter your decision, this pillar’s densely strong, earning its place as one of the key four; it props up each & every business owner at some point(s) in her journey from ideating a business, to launch/startup phase, thru ebb & flood tides, linear or exponential growth,  & further ahead into an as of yet unknown future.


How so? Faith oft times can act as the antithesis of fear; it can buttress your failures & keep you anchored to your purpose & mission.


4th & final pillar:  Entrepreneurs

And now, the spotlight shines brightly on Y-o-u:  The business founder/owner, the entrepreneur.


If by now it wasn’t crystal clear, it now will be: Entrepreneurship, in all its forms/types , is absolutely a pillar.


You’ve likely seen/heard statistics about small businesses’ vast importance to our nation’s vitality.

Or, maybe you’ve encouraged someone to start their own business at some point: maybe a family member?; neighbor?; a past co-worker?; or as a mentor for a future graduate or recent alumna from your alma mater?


Action(s) as common as keeping your business viable, including delegating task(s) to someone like Karissa , or expanding your product line, are each useful in ensuring that this fourth pillar will always be foundational for generations of Americans in the 2020’s & well beyond.


Further context to the first question

The first three pillars have boundless potential: leveraging 1, 2, or all 3 can enable your business(es) to morph from a pure ‘S’ [ self employed ]; to at least a hybrid ‘ S/B’, or even a straight ‘B’.  It’s the latter state where you’ve reached the nirvana of time freedom; you’re definitely working “on” & NOT “in” your venture, thereby freeing the owner to participate more actively in civil society.


Profiles Worth Following

Social Ventures





Conway Center


Please invest further

… in your thinking.

You’ve read & trustfully sensed the heart, soul, & spirit of this created content; now, will you commit to dig into this curated content from other valuable resources?


Civil Society

Mutual Aid Societies & the Gig Economy

Social Capital Primer


B2C v B2B 

Working “ON” & not “IN” a Business


In short

  • The holidays offer a chance to reflect
  • Civil society: Quotable quote & definition[s]
  • First two:  Family & Non profits
  • Second 2 : Faith & Entrepreneurs
  • Further context
  • Follow these Social profiles
  • As always, take action: curated content from add’t resources


Thank YOU for reading!


The post 4 Pillars of a Civil Society by @SBSLEducSoltns appeared first on She Owns It.

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