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The 8 Best iPhone 11 Accessories



Apple’s iPhone 11 provides a great balance between price and features. Along with a 6.1-inch bezel-less display, the handset offers a dual-lens camera system to help capture that perfect photograph or video.

If you’ve just got yourself a new iPhone 11, you’ll want to kit it out with some accessories too. Here are the best iPhone 11 accessories available right now.

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

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One of the best features of the iPhone 11 is that the handset is available in six unique hues—white, black, green, yellow, purple, and red. And a clear case is a great way to protect the iPhone 11 while still showing off your color choice.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case combines a hard and durable back with a softer bumper to make the iPhone 11 easier to hold. Raised bezels on the case help protect the screen in case of a drop and allow you to place the handset face down without worry. The large buttons on the case are easy to press.

Spigen has also made the Lightning port cutout large enough the be compatible with most cables on the market. Along with a completely clear version, you can purchase the Ultra Hybrid with a matte black border. Those with the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max also have options; the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 11 Pro and the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

2. OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox Defender Series

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While Apple continues to make each generation of iPhone more resistant to bumps, drops, and other hazards, you might want a more protective case to protect your iPhone 11. The OtterBox Defender Series features two layers of protection.

Along with a solid and hard inner shell, the outer part of the case is made with a softer material. Port covers help keep out dust and debris from sensitive parts of the iPhone. OtterBox also includes a belt-clip holster that can double as a kickstand to place the iPhone 11 into a media viewing angle.

There are many colors of the case to select from, including black, blue, and purple. You can also pick up the Defender Series for the iPhone 11 Pro and the Defender Series for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

3. Anker Powerline II USB-C to Lightning Cable

Anker Powerline II USB-C to Lightning Cable

Anker Powerline II USB-C to Lightning Cable

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Most devices in the past few years, include the most recent MacBook Pro, have already switched to USB-C cables. While Apple does include a USB-C to Lightning cable and 18W adapter with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 buyers aren’t so lucky. You’ll find the usual USB-A to Lightning cable and slow 5W charger with that handset.

Fortunately, a USB-C to Lightning cable doesn’t cost a lot. The Anker Powerline II USB-C to Lightning Cable is MFi certified and is backed by a lifetime warranty. While away from a computer, you can pair the cable with Anker’s PowerPoint III Nano to unlock fast charging capability. With that combination, you can charge an iPhone 11 from empty to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

4. Mophie Powerstation Hub

Mophie Powerstation Hub

Mophie Powerstation Hub

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When away from a power outlet, the Mophie Powerstation Hub is a perfect companion for the iPhone 11 and a host of other devices. Along with two USB-A ports, you can use any compatible USB-C to Lightning cable to fast charge an iPhone on the go thanks to the 6,000 mAh battery. Four LED status lights will let you know the battery status.

When you’re tired of wires, the top of the hub can be used as a wireless charger. And there is no need to find a cable to charge the hub itself as it features built-in AC power prongs to plug it into any wall outlet. For more information, make sure to take a look at our Mophie Powerstation Hub review.

5. Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case

Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case

Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case

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Apple’s AirPods With Wireless Charging Case are earbuds designed specifically for iOS devices, including the iPhone 11. After a quick setup, the AirPods will automatically connect to all of your devices on the same iCloud account with no additional work.

To access Siri while using the AirPods, just say “Hey Siri.” You can also double-tap either earbud to play music or skip a track. The AirPods provides up to five hours of music playback on a single charge, and the charging case can provide an additional 18 hours.

When in a pinch, 15 minutes of charging in the case will provide 3 hours of music playback. When out of battery, you can charge the case, and the AirPods can be charged with a Lightning cable or Qi mat.

6. Twelve South HiRise Wireless

Twelve South HiRise Wireless

Twelve South HiRise Wireless

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A wireless charger is also a must-have with the iPhone 11 for around the house or on a nightstand. The Twelve South HiRise Wireless is made with chrome and leather accents and looks great anywhere. Instead of lying flat, your iPhone 11 stands upright so you can easily keep track of notifications and even use your handset while charging.

And the charger is perfect for double duty to charge your AirPods’ wireless charging case. Just pop out the charging disc. You can also take the disc on-the-go with the included cable.

7. Libratone Zipp Mini 2

Libratone Zipp Mini 2

Libratone Zipp Mini 2

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The Libratone Zipp Mini 2 is the Swiss Army Knife of portable speakers. For anyone with an iPhone, the best feature is its compatibility with Apple’s AirPlay 2 protocol. That means you can quickly and easily play music, or anything else, from your iPhone on the Zipp Mini 2. The speaker can also be part of a whole-home audio system controllable through an iPhone or other iOS device.

You can even start a song on the speaker by asking Siri. It’s also possible to directly access Amazon’s Alexa or use Spotify Connect. When away from a Wi-Fi network, you can use the Zipp Mini 2 as a regular Bluetooth speaker. The built-in battery provides up to 12 hours of music playback on a single charge. You can select from one of four different speaker colors: gray, black, red, or green.

8. Sony DualShock Wireless Controller 4

Apple’s iOS App Store has plenty of great games available. And, with the introduction of the Apple Arcade gaming subscription service, there are many games compatible with a gaming controller. Using a controller oftentimes provides faster split-second control than a touchscreen.

Sony’s DualShock 4 Wireless Controller features a built-in rechargeable battery so you won’t have to spend extra cash on batteries. When it comes time to play, the controller has everything you need for fun. The controller is also compatible with the iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.

The Best iPhone 11 Accessories

While the iPhone 11 is a great handset on its own, these accessories can help make using the smartphone even better, no matter what you’re doing.

And to help become a better photographer and take advantage of the powerful camera system on the iPhone 11, definitely make sure to take a look at some iPhone camera settings you should master.

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5 Best Google Fi Compatible Phones You Can Go For



Google Fi, a carrier service launched by Google in the US, was previously available for Pixel and Nexus smartphones only. As of now, Google has extended support for a lot of Android smartphones.

The Google Fi service provides the users with data services on three different mobile networks including US Cellular, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Google Fi also utilizes Wi-Fi for texting and calling according to the availability.

Previously, it was easy to choose a Google Fi compatible phones as there were only two or three of them. Now, finding the most appropriate Google Fi compatible phone is a task due to several options available now.

Here we have curated the list of 5 best Google Fi compatible phones. You can select the best fit for you according to your needs after going through the specifications of the smartphones.

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5 Best Google Fi Compatible Phones

1. Moto G7

Moto G7 can be considered as the most affordable smartphone with Google Fi support. It comes with a 6.2-inch Full HD+ display and has a water repellant design. It is based on the Android 9.0 Pie and runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor.

Moto G7 has 4GB RAM along with 64GB onboard storage and its memory is expandable up to 128GB via microSD card. It sports a dual rear camera set up including a 12MP primary sensor and a 5MP depth sensor. The phone also features a 8MP selfie camera.

In terms of battery, Moto G7 is powered by a 3000mAh battery and supports 15W TurboPower charge. As of now, Moto G7 is available at a price of $198.50. So if you want to buy an affordable google fi compatible phone, Moto G7 is the best fit.

2. OnePlus 7T

Best google fi compatible phones

OnePlus 7T is one of the best mid-ranged smartphones available in the market. The phone features a 6.55-inch Fluid Display along with a 90Hz refresh rate. It runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and is based on the latest Android 10.

OnePlus 7T sports a triple rear camera setup including a 48MP primary sensor, 12MP secondary sensor, and a 16MP tertiary sensor. Apart from that, it features a 16MP front camera for selfies.

The smartphone has two variants based on storage including 128GB onboard storage variant and 256GB onboard storage variant. The smartphone comes equipped with a powerful battery of 3800mAh and supports Warp Charge 30T.

The basic variant of OnePlus 7T including 8GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage is available at a price of $502.50 approximately and the top-notch variant is available at a price of $515.40.

3. Google Pixel 4 XL

Best Google Fi compatible phones

Google Pixel 4 XL was launched back in October 2019. The smartphone comes with a 6.3-inch display and is based on the Android 10. It runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and can be dubbed as one of the best Google Fi compatible phones.

Snapdragon 855 is accompanied with 6GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage in the Google Pixel 4. Apart from that, it sports a dual rear camera setup including a 16MP primary camera and a 12MP secondary sensor.

Google Pixel 4 XL comes equipped with a 3700mAh battery and USB Type-C support. However, the price of the smartphone is a bit high as it is available at a price of $939 in the market. You can go forward to buy Pixel 4 XL only if you want a high ranged smartphone.

4. Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

If you are looking for a Google Fi compatible smartphone with 5G connectivity support then Samsung Galaxy S20 is the best option out there. The smartphone features a 6.2-inch punch-hole display along with a 90Hz refresh rate. It runs on the Samsung Exynos 990 processor that is accompanied by 8GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage.

The best part about the smartphone is that it has a expandable memory upto 1TB via a microSD card. Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a triple rear camera setup including a 64MP primary lens, 12MP secondary lens and a 12MP tertiary lens. It sports a 10MP selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with a massive 4000mAh battery. The smartphone is available at a price of $933.12 in the market. Apart form Samsung Galaxy S20, you can also go for other smartphones of Samsung Galaxy S20 series as they all are Google Fi compatible.

5. Google Pixel 3a

Best Google-Fi compatible phones

Google Pixel 3a is the best fit for you if you are looking for a compact Google Fi compatible smartphone. With a 5.6-inch OLED display, the smartphone features three different color profiles.

Google Pixel 3a runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor and is based on the Android 9.0 Pie. In terms of storage, the smartphone comes equipped with 4GB RAM along with 64GB onboard storage.

Google Pixel has very basic camera specifications including a 12MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. It is powered by a 3000mAh battery. Google Pixel 3a will cost around $406.13 as of now.

Choosing Google Fi Compatible Phones

You can choose the most appropriate smartphone from the above-mentioned Google Fi compatible smartphones. Apart from those smartphones, you can also check out whether your smartphone is compatible with Google Fi or not by visiting the compatibility page.

We will keep updating this list with new Google Fi compatible phones as and when they become available. So, don’t forget to check the list again after some time.

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Apple’s AR glasses just hit a key developmental milestone



  • Apple’s rumored AR glasses recently hit a key developmental milestone
  • Apple’s AR glasses may arrive as soon as 2022.
  • Tim Cook has long been a fan of Augmented Reality and believes the technology’s impact could rival that of the iPhone.

Amid rumors that Apple may release a pair of Augmented Reality-powered glasses in early 2022, a new report from The Information relays that work on the highly anticipated product continues to move forward. The report specifically claims that a key developmental milestone was recently reached as semitransparent lenses for the device recently “passed the prototype stage and entered trial production.”

The report indicates that mass production is still a good two years away, which aligns with previous reports we’ve seen. Of course, there’s no guarantee Apple’s AR glasses will hit the market given that the entire project has been subject to various delays in recent years. There was even a brief period of time, rumor has it, where Apple canceled the project altogether.

That notwithstanding, The Information adds:

The lenses use a polarized system, similar to the technology in 3D movie glasses, which create the illusion of depth using stereoscopic images, the person said. The technology is similar to that in other AR and VR devices already on the market from Microsoft, Magic Leap and Facebook…

The person said making the AR lenses is especially challenging because they are composed of multiple, extremely thin layers of different synthetic materials, each of which is susceptible to bubbles, scratches and other marks. To reduce defects, the lenses must be manufactured in dust-free zones known as clean rooms.

Apple reportedly has upwards of 1,000 employees currently working the project. You might also recall that code in an iOS 13 build from last September contained references to AR-based applications and devices.

As to what type of functionality Apple’s AR glasses will bring to the table, the device will include a microphone to allow users to call Siri into action and, of course, field and make calls. There are also indications that the device will ship with a built-in accelerometer so that the device can register commands when a user moves his or her head in a particular direction.

The first incarnation of Apple AR glasses will likely not include a camera due to battery life and design considerations. Subsequent models, however, may feature a camera module.

Design-wise, it’s believed that Apple’s AR glasses will support both polarized and prescription lenses. Further, different sizes will be available for both men and women. Aesthetically, rumor has it that the product will look like a regular pair of glasses with thicker than average frames which will contain the battery and assortment of chips.

It’s far too soon to know how much Apple’s AR glasses might cost, but an alleged Foxconn insider a few years ago suggested it might be in the range of $600.

Incidentally, Tim Cook has long been a champion of Augmented Reality, with the Apple CEO a few years ago stating that it remains a “core technology” Apple continues to invest in.

“I think AR is extremely interesting and sort of a core technology,” Cook said back in 2016. ” So, yes, it’s something we’re doing a lot of things on behind that curtain that we talked about.”

All told, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to Apple’s AR Glasses if and when it’s released. Recall that Google Glass, while intriguing, was more of a gimmick with few real-world applications. In turn, Google Glass didn’t gain any traction in the market. If Apple’s AR glasses, in contrast, can prove itself to be more than a gimmick, perhaps Apple will have another breakout hit on its hands.

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Microsoft Teams takes on Zoom with bizarre new feature



{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:””,”duration”:”T55S”,”thumbnailUrl”:””,”uploadDate”:”2020-07-10T08:52:47+0100″,”description”:”Together mode is a new meeting experience in Teams that uses AI segmentation technology to digitally place participants in a shared background, making it feel like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone else in the meeting or class.”,”contentUrl”:”″,”height”:360,”width”:640}

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web
browser that
supports HTML5

Microsoft is adding a virtual auditorium view to its Teams communication platform in a bid to make video meetings feel more natural during lockdown.

The firm has developed AI technology that places participants alongside one another, digitally seated with the same background, creating the impression everyone is in the same room.

‘Together mode’ is designed to help people feel more connected and less fatigued by video meetings, which have become commonplace among those working from home since coronavirus lockdown measures came into place in March.

The feature – which rolls out on Thursday before becoming generally available in August – is one of a number of improvements the tech giant is introducing on Microsoft Teams.

Users can expect to find video filter enhancements and emoji-based live reactions to pop up on screen among the raft of updates.

It’s like being back at uni – only with video calling (Microsoft 365)

Microsoft Teams displays, a new category of device for the firm, has also been announced amid a surge in demand for video communication tools and growing competition from the likes of Zoom, Facebook and Google.

These Teams-focused devices will have an ambient touchscreen and a hands-free experience powered by Cortana.

Microsoft teams turns meetings into virtual auditoriums

This is…strange (Microsoft 365)

The Lenovo ThinkSmart View will be the first Microsoft Teams display to be made available

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